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New Bathroom Design: Break Away From The White | Breslin Construction

27 November 2019

Bathroom Design and Installation

New bathroom designs can be found all over the internet. From simple to outlandish styles it seems with bathrooms these days anything goes. And you want your bathroom to be a place of refuge. It’s the first place you go in the morning and, if planned right, can be the most relaxing place to unwind at the end of the day. This is why we are seeing a rising trend in bathroom design. Gone are the days of the plain boring white fixtures and in are the new days of more earthy tones and welcoming colours for bathrooms. At Breslin Construction in London, we like to keep up on all the latest trends when it comes to home designs. If you are looking to imprint your own style into your home and express yourself, then your bathroom is the best place to start.

Even though you are looking into new bathroom designs for your London home, remember that there still needs to be practicality. Tiles and linoleum are still a popular choice when it comes to flooring and walls. Tiles are durable, last a lifetime and are easy to clean. Also, tiles can be used in a myriad of ways for design.What has changed? Again, trends are showing that there is a break away from the traditional light colours and grey has become most popular. Also, grouting colours to create amazing contrasts have become quite popular.

Re-tiling is something we at Breslin excel in. In fact, we would love to help you create your personal space and will be with your from design to completion. Check out our bathroom services!

Fixture Styles And Shower And Bath

Chrome fixtures still remain the norm for today’s bathrooms for obvious reasons. However styles have changed. People are going for more sleeker designs. Also, another popular trend is separating the shower from the tub and going with a modern day look. This is also practical, especially for the busy couple who both need to get ready at the same time. Whatever your design ideas are, or if you are looking around to see what you can find, Breslin Construction can help make your dream bathroom a reality and turn that boring white porcelain graveyard into a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere for you to both start and end your day.  From design to remodelling, we install bathrooms across London including in Streatham and Lambeth. So call you local London construction company  today on 020 8679 1440 or email us at