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Home Building Conversions and Alterations


Is it time for a change? Do you think the attic needs transformation? Or perhaps that garage space has more potential and you want to convert it into a living space? If you’re looking for London home altered into something fresh and exciting… you have come to the right place! Breslin Construction Ltd has over thirty years of experience in the construction industry that can get the job done for you whether you live in Mitcham, Brixton, Norbury, Streatham and all across London area. With our skilled and equipped tradesmen, we can get you that loft conversion or and garage conversion. We ensure all building regulations are met.


No need to fret any longer and start enjoying a more spacious place for you and your family! You’ll make the right choice  with the help of your trusted and reliable construction company. Let’s create that dream home today with the picture in your mind as well as within the comforts of your budget. Converting your domestic place with both practicality and beauty hand in hand. 


If you want to liven up your home and take advantage of the space that you have, contact us today! Give us an email through  or call us through our contact numbers 020 8679 1440 and 07768 275165 and get an initial consultation.


Commercial Building Conversion and Alterations


Are you a business owner with a commercial property that needs a dynamic change? A restaurant owner with your own place that needs spicing up? Or have a lovely shop that you want remodelled? A club that needs more oomph? Breslin Construction Ltd may just be the partner that’s up to the task. We’ll be taking into our measure the necessary regulations and safety codes that are prerequisites in converting and altering your commercial space.


Did you know that converting and altering a building is tougher than it looks? The people who will take care of it need to take into account structural alterations that will need an expert’s input, most often an engineer. With the expert’s help, one can make a building conversion cost efficient that is both functional and pleasing to look at—an importance for every commercial space! 


Contact us today to set up an initial consultation for your commercial conversion and alteration project. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions that you have in mind to ease your worries and we’ll also let you know of the things that you need to know for the project. If you’re ready to take the next step for your commercial property and business, we can be contacted through our number 020 8679 1440 and 07768 275165. You can also send us an email through


And Other More Large-Scale Conversions!


Breslin Construction Ltd not only handles personal home conversions like garage alterations or commercial spaces like restaurants or shops, we also have the expertise for large-scale projects. Whether it’s a school, a medical centres or a leisure complex, we have the experience that you need for the task. We have handled: Large Housing Developments, Public Houses,  Industrial Units and other similar huge projects. With our skilled and well-equipped tradespeople available to provide their services in this particular industry, rest assured that you have the suitable people for tricky, big and demanding projects like these ones. High-quality outputs are quite achievable with our detailed and careful attention to the needs of each of our projects and desires of our clients.


Our experience extends from domestic building conversions such as garage conversions, to larger commercial developments such as schools, leisure complexes and medical centres. For all these projects, Breslin Construction Ltd can ensure that the conversion meets the regulations applying to the type of development being undertaken. If you’re interested to work with us for any of your London conversion and alteration projects, we can be contacted through our number 020 8679 1440 and 07768 275165. You can also send us an email through 


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A Selection of Conversion work Breslin Construction Ltd carry out:

▪ Large Housing Developments

▪ Commercial Properties

▪ Shops

▪ Restaurants

▪ Clubs

▪ Public Houses

▪ Industrial Units